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Redear Bream

Redear Bream FishLepomis microlophus (Redear Bream)  – “scaled gill cover” and “small nape” respectively

Red ear sunfish, also know as Shellcracker, Georgia Bream, Cherry Gill, Sunny, Sun Perch, Improved Bream, Government Bream, Rouge Ear Sunfish, and Chinquapin. They look like bluegills, but the back part of their gill-covering has a red edging (male) or orange edging (female). They eat snails, crustaceans, and other hard-shelled insects. Because they crush their food with molar-like teeth, they earned the nickname “shellcracker”. As Redear bream are able to forage on snails and other hard-shelled organisms, they have a steady growth of about one-quarter pound per season, and typically reach five pounds or more at maturity.

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