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Have questions? Chances are we already know the answer! Check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) area below.

  1. What payment methods do you take? Stock My Pond drivers are equipped to take cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks. If paying my check you will need a valid drivers license for ID and a phone number.
  2. How can we transport our fish? The truck provides containers (bags) for all fish except the 11″ channel cats, so please bring your own containers for them. Suggestions for the larger containers include trash cans or water troughs. The fish are added to a bag with water and oxygen.
  3. How long can the fish be in the bag? No longer than 1 hour! Determine how far a drive you have before purchasing your fish. Transport the fish in a cool and shaded area of your vehicle.
  4. How do we introduce the fish to our pond or lake? 
    1. Introduce the fish to their new habitat as quickly as possible.  Don’t delay in getting the fish to the water.
    2. Once on site, let the fish rest while in their bags in a cool, shady area.  Be aware that the sun can quickly raise the temperatures inside the bag.
    3.  Introduce your fish slowly to the pond, pouring a small amount of the pond or lake water into your open bag to even out the water temperature and acclimate your fish. Do not dump the fish from the bag into your pond or lake!  Take time to acclimate them to the temperature of your pond or lake.
    4.  After a few minutes a few fish should swim away.  If they do, release the rest in that bag.
    5. If the fish do not swim away, repeat the process, adding more pond/lake water to the bag to let the fish adjust to the water temperature.
    6. Floating the bags is discouraged as the sun can quickly raise the temperatures inside the bag.