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Hybrid Bluegill

Lepomis macrochirus (male bluegill) x Lepomis cyanellus (female green sunfish)

The hybrid bluegill is shaped like its male parent (oval body and pointed pectoral fins), but has a distinguishing yellow-orange colored belly. The popularity of this hybrid its large mouth, like a sunfish, coupled with bluegill aggressiveness, makes it a good feeder and excellent sport fish. These fish grow one-half to three-quarter pound the first year if fed commercial fish feed and minnows. Hybrid bluegills exhibit accelerated growth as they tend to continue to feed during the colder months; they readily feed and can grow well on pellet foods. Our hybrid bluegills are 90% male and typically grow up to three pounds. Their aggressiveness makes them easy to catch, making them a good choice for new or shore-bound fishermen.

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