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Black Crappie

Black Crappie Fish, Isolated.

Pomoxis nigromaculatus – poma “cover,” oxis “sharp,” nigromaculatus “black spotted”

Black crappie is a silver and black-mottled sunfish. The fish is a fun, easy catch for a young or new fisherman – and delicious! Crappie will grow three-quarter to one pound their first year, depending upon how well they are feeding; stocking of fathead minnows, along with hybrid bluegills, is recommended to ensure good growth. Crappie weight at maturity is two to three pounds. Unlike white crappie, these black-spotted sunfish do not take over small ponds and lakes, and typically grow larger than the white crappie.

Availability of black crappie is subject to seasonal climate conditions, as cooler temperatures are better for handling these fish.

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