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Pond Algae Control

Pond algae thrives on water that is stagnated. Ponds that have plenty of nutrients and organic matter but not enough oxygen to decompose all this debris is where pond algae appears most often.

Pond algae is a sign the pond water gives to its owner – The sign is to please help restore itself back to a healthy clean pond.

Most pond owners do not listen to their ponds. Instead, they continually treat the pond algae with various chemicals such as copper sulfate and other potentially dangerous pond treatments.

Control Pond Algae

We offer a line of all natural bacteria products called designed to help break down excess nutrients and organic matter throughout the whole pond which can help reduce algae and odor helping create a clean, clear pond.

Treating pond algae with pond chemicals is not a long term solution to this pond problem. It’s a quick fix that puts additional stress and loads on your pond. Once you kill off the algae with the use of pond chemicals it sinks to the bottom of the pond and it too, requires oxygen in order to decompose itself. Thus further depleting an already, starved for oxygen, body of water.

Algae Control in Ponds with Windmill Aeration

The key to restoring you pond back to a healthy state is simple – replenish it with oxygen. By Aerating your pond you will provide the water with the additional levels of oxygen it needs to help burn off the excess nutrients that reside in it. This organic matter acts as feed for pond algae. Its simple, once you have eliminated the pond algae’s source of nutrition – you kill it off and you stop it from returning.

This may be a longer term approach to dealing with pond algae problems but its one that works. Its environmentally wise and its less expensive.

Windmill Aeration Systems are one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to get rid of pond algae and bring your ponds back to health.

When you calculate the amount of money a pond owner spends on pond chemicals to treat this nasty pond problem – you can quickly determine that installing a windmill aeration system is a much more cost effective and sustainable way to clean your pond.

Have a little patience – in the long run its healthier for your water and everyone who lives around it. Review windmill aeration systems to help rid your pond of algae and keep their ponds healthy and clean.  We recommend Outdoor Water Solutions windmills.  You can find more about them here.